MPR TKA Ball Joint System (Improved Design)

MPR TKA Ball Joint System (Improved Design)

Knee Holder/Positioner with innovative Ball Joint Block and Ball Joint Boot.

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Catalog #: MPR-MIKP-BJ-2
Unit of Measurement: Each


Knee Holder/Positioner with innovative Ball Joint Block and Ball Joint Boot that can tilt, rotate, flex, or extend the knee into infinite positions.
The improved design has a one-piece smaller plate with narrower sliding rail. The smaller block clamps are tighter around the boot for a better fit.
All corners of the block rail are rounded to aid in the install and removal of the sliding block.

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Complete MPR TKA Ball Joint System, includes following components:
MPR-MIKP-PL-2 Base Plate – 24″
Base Plate – 30″ (Optional)
MPR-BMP Base Plate Locking Clamp
MPR-MIKP-BJB-2 MIKP Ball Joint Block
MPR-BJBT Universal Ball Joint Block Boot



Retrofit your existing system


Universal Ball Joint Boot also available separately to retrofit your existing knee positioner.  The boot is compatible with similar systems from other manufacturers (including the IMP® DeMayo Positioner). Upgrades/replacements for Blocks, Base Plates, Locking Clamps, and Stabilizing Plates also available. Contact us for specific details.


2 Year Warranty


Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopedic product.


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