MPR Base Plate Locking Clamp

MPR Base Plate Locking Clamp

Locking clamp and blade post combination.

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Catalog #: MPR-BMP
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Locking clamp and blade post combination that allows quick and efficient base plate positioning and securing on the OR table.


  • Locking Clamp easily mates to base plate edge
  • Clamp’s locking knobs tighten to secure base plate
  • Clamp fits into a blade-style socket–works well with MPR All-In-One Clark Socket (MPR-CS-AIO) or MPR Over the Drape Clamp (MPR-ORUC) (not included)
  • Can be used with the Alvarado, MIKP and other flat positioner base plates


Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopedic product.


Product Care & Cleaning

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