Zimmer Biomet Recalls

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The Zimmer Biomet Spinal Rod Cutters (00-3925-002-00) have been recalled (all lots), due to the potential for fracture during use. These cutters are primarily used in spine procedures to cut stainless steel rods. If the pin cutter were to fracture during use, it would be easily recognized. The highest severity event may result if the cutters were to fracture intra-operatively in an internal fixation procedure and a fragment creates a puncture wound that resulted in permanent impairment of a body function or damage to a body structure.

Click here to see the FDA recall for the Zimmer Pin Cutters.

Zimmer Biomet is conducting a medical device recall for all lots of the Alvarado TM Knee Holder Base Plate Assembly and Foot Piece and all lots of the Alvarado™ II Base Plate and Foot Piece due to potentially inadequate cleaning procedures.

Click here to see the FDA recall for the Zimmer Alvarado.