MPR Rush Rods/Pins

MPR PosiFoam Head Roll

MPR Side Pin Cutter

MPR Periarticular Reduction Forceps

MPR Wire/Pin Cutter Replacement Head

MPR PosiFoam Triangle

50 Degree Hohmann Retractor

MPR Blunt Narrow Cobra Retractor

MPR Double Bent Hohmann Retractor

Aluminum Base Mayo Stand

Weighted Base Mayo Stand

MPR Kolbel Spreader, 2 x 2, Blunt

MPR Moreland Universal Femoral Trial Extractor

Phenolic, Hourglass Under Pad Arm and Hand Table with Double Leg

Hourglass Under Pad Arm and Hand Tables

Rectangle Under Pad Arm and Hand Tables

Hourglass Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, Slides Under Pad, 2″ Pad Included

Rectangle Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, w/ Clamps & 2″ Pad

Rectangle Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, 2″ Pad Included

Rectangle Carbon Fiber Arm and Hand Table, Single Foot, with 2″ Pad

MPR Replacement 2″ Radiolucent Pad (MPR312) (Copy)

MPR Large Triangle Positioner, Knee

MPR Small Triangle Positioner, Knee

MPR Wire/Pin Cutter

MPR Universal Prepper Pad

Instrument Tables with Drawers

5 Leg Space-Saving IV Poles

5 Leg Spider IV Pole

Slider Style Patient Transfer Boards

Utility Carts

Physicians Stools

Surgical Stools

Chrome Step Stools

Sponge Receptacle with Stand

Kick Bucket with Stand

6 Leg Stainless Steel Spider Base IV Poles

Steering Wheel and Patient Tray for IV Pole

5 Leg Spider IV Poles

Candy Cane Stirrup

Armboard Pads

Tables for Over OR Tables

Slider Style Patient Transfer Boards

Lift Assist IV Poles

Hand Sanitizer Holder for IV Pole

Power Strip for IV Pole

Wall Rack for Slider Style Patient Transfer Boards

Urinal Bag Hook

Double Bowl Solution Stands

Utility Cart with Baskets

Double IV Pole with Steering Wheel and Tray

Wall rack for patient transfer boards

Wall Rack for Patient Transfer Roller Boards

Stat Hanger for IV Pole

Side Rail Extension

Under Pad Armboards

Bariatric Droplatch Armboards

Stainless Steel Anesthesia Cart

Universal Clamp for Lift Assist IV Pole

Single Loop Leg Prep with Pad

Square Chrome Hamper

Gowning Benches

TKR Support with Pad

MPR Pegboard Slim Clamp

MPR Sharp Hook

MPR Switching Sticks

MPR Bone Grafters

MPR Reduction Forceps with Points

MPR Pin & Wire Cutter

MPR Angled Knee Retractor

MPR T-Handle Ruler

MPR Folding Drill Bit Case

MPR Over the Rail Universal Clamp




MPR Single Use Beach Chair Mask (Standard Foam)

MPR Jobe Case

MPR Compaction Pliers

MPR Multi-Task Armboard

MPR Reduction Forceps

MPR Face Shield – Full