MPR Ferkel Style Leg Holder

Pediatric Carter Hand Table

MPR Single Use Pad for Leg Stabilizer (MPR-8840)

MPR Basic Blade Side Rail Socket

Replacement Knob For Arm and Hand Surgery Tables

MPR PosiFoam Block

MPR PosiFoam Wedge

MPR PosiFoam Block with Beveled Edges

MPR Browne Deltoid Retractor – Small

MPR Fukuda-Type Retractor, Large

MPR Custom Contoured Bolster

MPR Reduction Forceps with Points

Modified Stille-Luer Rat Tooth Bone Ronguer

MPR Bolt for MPR-3144

MPR Mallet, 1lb. 4oz. (570 g)

MPR Townley Femur Caliper

Blunt Medullary Reamer

MPR Small Curette

MPR Capsule Retractor, 1 Prong

MPR Browne Deltoid Retractor – Large

MPR Hohmann Retractor, Right Angled, 18mm Wide

MPR Humeral Retractor

MPR Mikhail Collateral Ligament Retractor

MPR Bone File

MPR Femoral Tibial Spreader, 6 1/2″, 21mm Cross Serrated Blades

MPR TK3 Base Plate

MPR TK3 Boot

MPR TK3 Knee Positioning System

MPR TK3 Ball Joint Block

MPR Curette 8mm

MPR “Thor’s Hammer” Mallet 1000g

MPR Femoral Neck Elevator

Width Extender and Pad

Cobb Osteotomes, Curved

MPR T-Handle Ruler, 7cm

Medium Knee Retractor

Small Knee Retractor

MPR PosiFoam Cylinder, 3.5″ x 20″

MPR PosiFoam Cylinder, 3.5″ x 10″

Sterile 2 Tier Table Drape

MPR PosiFoam Head Roll

MPR Side Pin Cutter

MPR Periarticular Reduction Forceps

MPR Wire/Pin Cutter Replacement Head

MPR PosiFoam Triangle

50 Degree Hohmann Retractor

MPR Blunt Narrow Cobra Retractor

MPR Double Bent Hohmann Retractor

Aluminum Base Mayo Stand

Weighted Base Mayo Stand

MPR Kolbel Spreader, 2 x 2, Blunt

MPR Moreland Universal Femoral Trial Extractor

Phenolic, Hourglass Under Pad Arm and Hand Table with Double Leg

Hourglass Under Pad Arm and Hand Tables

Rectangle Under Pad Arm and Hand Tables

Hourglass Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, Slides Under Pad, 2″ Pad Included

Rectangle Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, w/ Clamps & 2″ Pad

Rectangle Arm and Hand Table with Mobile Base, 2″ Pad Included

Rectangle Carbon Fiber Arm and Hand Table, Single Foot, with 2″ Pad

MPR Replacement 2″ Radiolucent Pad (MPR312)

MPR Large Triangle Positioner, Knee

MPR Small Triangle Positioner, Knee

MPR Wire/Pin Cutter

MPR Universal Prepper Pad

Instrument Tables with Drawers

5 Leg Space-Saving IV Poles

5 Leg Spider IV Pole

Slider Style Patient Transfer Boards

Utility Carts

Physicians Stools

Surgical Stools

Chrome Step Stools

Sponge Receptacle with Stand

Kick Bucket with Stand

6 Leg Stainless Steel Spider Base IV Poles

Steering Wheel and Patient Tray for IV Pole

5 Leg Spider IV Poles

Armboard Pads

Tables for Over OR Tables

Slider Style Patient Transfer Boards